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The Club Dobogómajor may offer programmes enough for a whole season, so it is up to you which one passes the most for your interest.


The biggest and the most ancient city is called as the "Capital of the Lake Balaton".
Not just it's population, but also the cultural, and traditional heritage makes this town worth for this title.
Take a walk among the century-old buildings of the inner city, have a walk on the alley beside the lake, drink a coffee in the Marzipan-museum, or visit the Villas of the Helikon Park from the time of the 19th century.

The city was under the realm of the count family Festetics for more than 200 years, which shaped the city's appearance greatly. Keszhtely gave many novelist, poet, artist and Olympic champion for Hungary throughout the centuries. The first agricultural university in Europe is also founded in this city.
Keszthely's biggest attraction is doubtless the lake itself, in the summertime the fans of swimming, the boat-sports and the yachtsmen visit the lake, while in winter there is no better, than a long ice-skating, and then a glass of hot wine.


The city's name means "cure water", and this is not by chance. Hungary's most well known thermal lake serves the patients with different muscular and locomotor diseases since the 19th century, when Count George Festetics made the place to build for bathing.
The lake's temperature is somewhat stabile, even in the hardest winter it does not sink below 22 oC degree. The town is also full of cultural and entertaining programmes and events through the whole year.

Middle-Europe's largest baroque-style castle, the Festetics-castle in Keszthely awaits its guests in the whole year. Beside the constant exhibitions, like the hunting-trophies of 4 continents, or the lifestyle of the lords, the stately home offers various temporary exhibitions and wine-tasting. Its aristocrat library is the biggest in Europe, and the park is classified as protected natural area.

The Castle-theatre in Cserszegtomaj is located right beside the Festetics-wine cellar at Cserszegtomaj, only 2 km away from our resort. During summertime the theatre awaits its guest for it's charming environment, where you may enjoy the shows in a flower and tree embraced auditorium. The castle is also the home of a maunfacture which produces quality wines, home-made cheese from cow-milk.

The one-day trips are ideal for individuals and groups alike. Hungarian towns, like Budapest or Pécs and abroad capitals, like Zagreb and Vienna can be found among our destination, just like the porcelain-making town of Herend, or the Kis-Balaton natural park with its unmatched natural beauties

Exclusive tours for the summeR


Visit the largest lake in Central Europe, and sail the waves with a sail-boat! During the 3-5 hours long journey you can sail the lake and visit the beautiful shorelines of the northern and southern shores. If you are an experienced sail-boat driver, you can sail with the boat on your own. We heartily give opportunity for the amateur "sailors" too, you can order for a training cruise, where the captain shows you the basics of sailing.
Information:, or by phone, +3683 531 990


If the land of the region is beautiful, then take this view up to 3000 feet, and you will be left without words. On every sunny days in the summer the Balaton Ballooning organizes balloon cruising. Fly up high in the sky, and enjoy the unmatched sight while you descend on the wings of the winds. The entire tour takes about one hour + the transfer there and back to the lift-off and landing zone. More information: +36 83 531 981


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