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Club Dobogómajor

8372 Cserszegtomaj, Hévízi út 1.

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Dobogómajor, the one and only dog paradise!

Instead of the huge, enclosed yard, it is a great favorite of puppies, this year’s cooling novelty, an outdoor dog pool where family members can also indulge in the scorching heat.

In most of the families dogs count as family members, so it is not a question, that when holidays come, they are travelling with us. They get as excited as we do realizing that the family is going to spend the time together. If you are one of these persons, who would not like to be worried about their pets during vacation, choose us as your destination. Here, the satisfaction of the furry friends is exactly as important as human’s. 

Club Dobogómajor’ park is strictly car traffic free and it awaits for all our guests. This year, on the huge courtyard we had opened an outdoor dog pool, where doggies can also enjoy refreshing deeps on the hot days.
The dog pool is 8 meters long and at the widest point, it’s width is almost 3 meters. We also had small dogs in mind, who can be less brave, so the water depth by the shore is around 25 cm only.

It gets deeper towards the middle, with the total of 75 cm. A special sand filtrating system is responsible for the constantly clean water. As vets advised, the water does not contain any chemicals, so it is not irritable for the sensitive skin and mucous of the pups. On the side of the pool a dog shower is placed, so the dogs who do not fancy diving that much, can also enjoy the cooling advantages of the water.